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March 7, 2024

Fast Ways: How to Check The Rental History For Free

How to Check the Rental History For Free

Making sure you have good, steady money coming in from your rental property is key for real estate investors. And the first step to achieving this is renting to the best possible tenant. It’s super important to check the rental history of potential tenants. This helps make sure you get reliable and responsible tenants for your property.

While there are fancy and paid services for checking rental history, not all landlords can afford them. In this article, we’ll talk about quick ways to check the rental history for free. This way, you can still make smart decisions about who you let into your property without breaking the bank.

Utilize Tenant-Landlord Associations

Local tenant-landlord associations or housing authorities may assist in checking the rental history for free. These organizations often aim to foster positive relationships between tenants and landlords. Contact them to inquire about any available resources or guidance on accessing relevant tenant information.

Case study

Case study

Case Study 1: Jenny’s Positive Experience with a Tenant-Landlord Association

Jenny, a new landlord in a small town, was faced with the challenge of checking the rental history for free of her tenants because she didn’t want to without breaking her tight budget. She reached out to the local tenant-landlord association, hoping to find a solution. The association not only welcomed her inquiry but also offered a comprehensive package of assistance.

Jenny attended a free workshop organized by the association where seasoned landlords shared their expertise on tenant screening. She learned about the importance of checking rental history and was given a step-by-step guide on conducting background checks without spending money. The association also provided her with sample forms and templates for contacting previous landlords.

By tapping into the resources provided by the tenant-landlord association, Jenny not only gained valuable knowledge but also felt supported in her role as a landlord. The positive experience highlighted the association’s commitment to building strong relationships between landlords and tenants in the local community.

Case Study 2: Tom’s Journey with the Local Housing Authority

Tom, a property manager overseeing several units, wanted to enhance his tenant screening process and check the rental history for free. He decided to explore the services offered by the local housing authority. To his surprise, the authorities went above and beyond to assist him.

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Upon contacting the housing authority, Tom was connected with a dedicated representative who explained the available resources. The authority granted him access to an online portal containing public records related to tenant rental history, including eviction records. They also offered personalized guidance on interpreting the information and provided him with a checklist for effective tenant screening.

Tom’s experience with the local housing authority demonstrated that free resources can be both accessible and highly beneficial for landlords. The authority’s commitment to fostering positive tenant-landlord relationships was evident through their hands-on assistance and commitment to helping landlords make informed decisions.

Tenant-landlord relationships

Tenant-landlord relationships

So, these case studies showcase how tenant-landlord associations and housing authorities actively contribute to the success of landlords by offering practical, budget-friendly resources and guidance on checking tenant rental history.

Through such collaborations, landlords can navigate the screening process more effectively while maintaining positive relationships within the community.

Checking through Rental History Apps

Explore the rental history apps for low-cost or free. These are great examples of how various platforms leverage credit bureaus and tenant screening services to provide landlords with valuable information during the tenant screening process.

1. Experian

Experian offers landlords a free rental history check by having the tenant cover the $14.95 credit report and screening fee. This approach allows landlords to obtain crucial information about a tenant’s credit history and other relevant details without incurring any costs themselves.

2. Rentberry

Rentberry stands out by generating a comprehensive tenant screening report online. This report includes a free report from Experian, providing landlords with a detailed overview of a prospective tenant’s background.

This holistic approach allows landlords to make more informed decisions based on a thorough tenant evaluation.

Rental History Apps

Rental History Apps

3. RentMe

RentMe focuses on delivering prompt results to landlords by providing a tenant screening report from TransUnion. Additionally, the inclusion of previous addresses reported by the tenant adds another layer of information.

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The swift turnaround, within seconds of a rental application submission, enhances the efficiency of the tenant screening process.

4. Spark Rental

Spark Rental goes beyond the traditional credit report by offering a free “applicant discovery report.” This, along with options for running credit reports, background checks, and eviction history reports, provides landlords with a comprehensive view of potential tenants.

The ability to explore various aspects of a tenant’s history gives landlords flexibility in their decision-making process.

What If a Tenant Has No Rental History?

If a tenant has no rental history, it can present a unique situation for landlords. Lack of rental history might be due to various reasons, such as being a first-time renter, recent relocation, or living with family.

Here are some considerations and steps landlords can take when dealing with applicants without a rental history:

1. Employment and Income Verification: Verify the tenant’s employment status and income to ensure financial stability. Request recent pay stubs, employment verification letters, or bank statements.

2. Personal References: Ask for personal references from employers, colleagues, or acquaintances who can vouch for the tenant’s character, reliability, and responsibility.

3. Alternative Indicators of Responsibility: Consider factors such as a good credit score, positive employment history, or consistent payment of utility bills as alternative indicators of the tenant’s reliability.

4. Short-Term Lease Option: Offer a shorter-term lease initially to assess the tenant’s suitability before committing to a longer lease arrangement.

Short-Term Lease Option

Short-Term Lease Option

5. Consider Co-Signers or Guarantors: Require a co-signer or guarantor, especially for first-time renters or those without a rental history, to provide additional assurance for the lease agreement.

In conclusion, checking the rental history for free can be simple and inexpensive. Landlords can adopt these fast and budget-friendly methods to ensure they choose tenants who contribute to the success of their real estate investments.

By utilizing available resources and alternative indicators, landlords can foster positive tenant-landlord relationships and set the stage for long-term rental property success.

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