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“Delivering the Good Lifestyle” encapsulates our commitment to transforming properties into thriving communities that redefine the way people experience life. Our mission is to go beyond conventional property management, crafting environments that nurture connections, comfort, and joy.


Our slogan embodies our commitment to making promises a reality. “Delivering” represents our proactive approach to bringing an enriched lifestyle to life. We go beyond property management, creating living spaces where every detail contributes to a fulfilling existence. At the core of our slogan is the concept of a “good lifestyle,” encapsulating elevated living, redefined convenience, and a sense of well-being. “Good” radiates positivity and reflects our commitment to cultivating contentment.

About Hexa Property Management Company in Houston, TX

Fast forward to 2022, and Tom founded Hexa Property Management, LLC, to venture into property management. Under his leadership, Hexa started managing apartment communities, focusing on underwriting, acquisitions, and day-to-day management operations. The company acquired 15 apartment communities, comprising more than 613 rental units, since its establishment in 2021.


Hexa Property Management is renowned for its unwavering commitment to delivering highly personalized and top-tier services to property owners within the real estate market. What truly sets the company apart is its resolute dedication to remaining at the forefront of industry innovations and resources, coupled with an unparalleled focus on customer service excellence.


Moreover, Hexa Property Management strategically leverages Industry 4.0 technology, cutting-edge software solutions, and a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. These implementations synergize to amplify customer service efficacy to unprecedented levels, ensuring that every interaction is seamless, insightful, and tailored to individual client needs.


In summation, Hexa Property Management’s relentless pursuit of excellence, holistic service offerings, and customer-centric ethos position it as the optimal choice for property owners seeking to maximize the prosperity of their real estate investments, all while redefining the standards of exceptional service in the industry.

Donna Gilmore
I looked at many different property management companies before deciding on Hexa and I am happy with it.
Mika Gilmore
Hexa's staff are very supportive and have many good ideas for my apartments. And I am truly grateful for this.
Lisa Simpson
We hired the Hexa team as our buyer agent because they are the perfect team for real estate projects.

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