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March 25, 2024

How to keep your home safe when you are away?

How to keep your home safe when you are away? Leaving your home alone, whether it’s just for a weekend trip or a longer vacation, might make you worry about its safety. But don’t stress! With a bit of planning and easy steps, you can keep your home safe while you’re gone. We’ve put together eleven simple tips that’ll help keep your place secure, so you can relax and not worry about it while you’re away.

11 tips for securing your home during your vacation

Setup security system

When you’re away from home, setting up a good security system is key to keeping things safe. Security alarms act like watchful guardians, spotting break-ins and quickly letting the police know. You can find affordable cameras for inside and outside your home that let you keep an eye on things in real-time. Lights that turn on when they sense movement make it seem like someone’s around and make spots where burglars might try to sneak in more visible. You can even use voice tech to warn intruders and keep them away.

Setup security system

Setup security system

Smart locks are a smart way to avoid hiding keys outside, giving you a secure way to get into your home from afar. A solid security system doesn’t just protect your place—it gives you peace of mind while you’re away.

Ask a friend for help or hire a house sitter

Ask a reliable neighbor or friend to keep an eye on your home—they can be your eyes and ears, noticing anything out of the ordinary and alerting you if needed.

Another great option is hiring a housesitter. They’re not just there to prevent storm damage; they can also handle daily tasks like taking care of plants and collecting mail, making your home look occupied.

Plus, having someone stay at your place provides an added layer of security. With a smart lock, you can give them easy access while keeping your home safe. Whether it’s a friend or a hired housesitter, having someone around can greatly enhance the safety of your home when you’re away.

Use timed lighting or smart lighting

A dark house night after night can signal to burglars that it’s unoccupied, making it a potential target. Using timed or smart lighting can create the illusion of someone being home. Setting up scheduled lighting patterns gives the impression of activity, making burglars think twice about targeting your property. Mixing up when and where the lights turn on and off adds to this illusion of occupancy.

Use timed lighting or smart lighting

Use timed lighting or smart lighting

Smart lighting takes this a step further, offering you easy control over your lights from anywhere. With these devices, you can instantly turn lights on or off using your phone or even sync them with your home security cameras for added vigilance. It’s a simple yet effective way to make it seem like someone’s always at home, even when you’re away.

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Hide your valuables

Make sure to secure things like jewelry, cash, and important documents before you go. You can hide them in a safe or secure spot that’s not obvious. It’s also a good move to close the drapes and blinds to prevent anyone from peering inside, but don’t keep them closed for too long, as it might signal that nobody’s home. If you have a friend or housesitter helping out, ask them to adjust the drapes and blinds every so often. This simple action can give the impression that someone’s around, enhancing the security of your home while you’re away.

Have your car parked in the driveway

Making it look like someone’s at your place when you’re gone can be as easy as leaving a car parked in your driveway or nearby. This tricks potential burglars into thinking someone’s around, which can keep your home safer.
If you’re driving off, consider asking a friend or neighbor to park their car at your house to keep up the appearance of activity.

And if it’s your car staying behind, make sure it’s locked up tight and don’t leave anything valuable visible, like GPS devices or cables, to avoid tempting thieves. Just having a car parked nearby can make your home seem lived-in and less likely to attract any unwanted attention while you’re away.

Have your car parked in the driveway

Have your car parked in the driveway

Review your home insurance policy

Before you take off and leave your place, take a look at your home insurance policy. Ensure it’s up-to-date and covers what you need, especially when your home is empty. Check if it protects your house from bad weather or fire, and if it covers your stuff in case someone breaks in. Double-checking your insurance helps you relax while you’re away, knowing your home and belongings are well looked after, no matter what happens.

Unplug electrical devices

To up your home safety game while you’re away, think about unplugging devices you don’t need. It’s a smart move to lower the chances of electrical problems or even fires.

For those gadgets that need to stay plugged in, like your fridge or security systems, consider using surge protectors. These handy tools help prevent electrical damage, offering an extra layer of safety for your essential devices.

Unplug electrical devices

Unplug electrical devices

Mind your garage

Just because the garage door is closed doesn’t mean it’s completely safe—there’s a safety release mechanism that can be used to open it easily. To prevent this, consider disabling the electric opener while you’re gone. You can also add extra security by installing a padlock on the overhead door latch or sliding a bolt through a hole in the track. Taking these steps adds an extra layer of protecting your home from intruders, ensuring your garage stays secure and your belongings inside remain safe.

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Keep your absence under your hat

When you’re not home, watch what you post online. Sometimes, your account settings can show your trip photos to more people than you’d like, hinting that your place is empty. It’s safer to share those vacation pics after you’re back. Also, try not to say exactly when you’re leaving or coming back. Keeping those dates private helps keep your house safe from anyone looking to take advantage of your absence.

Remove all your spare keys

Before you leave your home, be sure to remove any spare keys that might be hidden in common spots like inside doors, under doormats, or in flower pots. These are the first places burglars might check, so it’s best to take them inside and store them securely while you’re away. Keeping spare keys out of these easily accessible hiding spots adds an extra layer of security to your home while you’re not there.

Remove all your spare keys

Remove all your spare keys

Keep your outdoor tidy

Keeping your outdoor space tidy is key to making your home look lived-in, even when you’re away. Trim your landscape regularly to avoid overgrowth, as unruly bushes or grass can signal that your home is unattended, making it more vulnerable to intruders.

If you’re going on vacation, arrange for someone to take care of your garden while you’re gone. And in snowy areas, make sure someone clears the snow from your property. These simple steps maintain the appearance of an occupied home, reducing the chances of your place becoming a target for unwanted attention while you’re not there.

Lock all the doors and windows

Leaving doors and windows open is like waving a flag for potential intruders, making your home an easy target. Locking up is a simple way to reduce the risk of break-ins.

Lock all the doors and windows

Lock all the doors and windows

Stay updated

Always remember to lock all doors and windows before you go, and pull the blinds or curtains closed for some extra privacy. Doing these simple things helps keep your home safer while you’re away. Staying updated while you’re away is crucial for peace of mind. Make sure to give a trusted friend or family member a contact number before you leave. This way, they can reach you if needed, keeping you in the loop and ensuring you’re reachable, which can ease worries while you’re away.

Bottom line

You don’t need to stress about keeping your home safe when you’re not there. Just follow these simple steps: set up a security system, ask friends or neighbors for help, keep your valuables secure, and watch what you share online. Doing these things cuts the chances of burglary or any unwanted attention. By putting safety first and staying in touch with people you trust, your home stays safe while you’re away, letting you relax and enjoy your time without any worries.

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